''Bang''-ed by Marc Jacobs

Late July we should expect this highly anticipated mens fragrance from Marc Jacobs. To my knowledge Marc Jacobs has only made one other mens cologne which was a while back. I think ''Bang'' will be a big hit. First of all, Marc Jacobs is posing on the cover in the nude. Second, its supposed to be a spicy and masculine aroma and who does not like that? Since this shot cannot be shown in all markets there will be suitable versions for the middle east and other places.


Jumpsuit Love

So, loads has been going on around...finally embracing summer. Went to the beach today, yes, Reykjavik has a beach. Hanging out with friends mostly. Actually my best friend, Margret, is graduating this weekend and I will be attending both the ceremony and the dinner. Ill be sure to share it. But on another note, big party last night at Irenes (another one of my best friends). The plan was downtown but because of our horrible planning and being super misinformed about everything we had to stay in one place (everything was closing at 1am that night because of todays holiday). Rocked out with my Campari and my homies.
Zara Jumpsuit, Jacket and Forever 21 shoes


Stripe pipe...dipe

So finally completely done with exams. Party party time has come and Im in a good mood. I have noticed that EVERYONE back in paris has told me that it is dark and rainy, well same story here. Damned depressing weather...give me love.

Topshop ankle boots, H&M dress & hat , Wolford tights, Zara Jacket.


Be Stupid?

As I was on my way to look at the new collection of diesel I had discovered this wonderful new movie/fashion ad they had created. This new way of showing clothes through video and being able to find out what the people are wearing by simply putting the arrow on it made me actually want to stick around their site a little longer (I went a tad bit crazy on stopping the video to check for stupid and dresses. At one point I started doing this for fun not for the clothes). Wanted to share www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers/ with you! For "Be Stupid" this is pretty smart.
And ofcourse a little bit of "sex sells"
P.s Hope all your exams went well!